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Barnes Jewish Hospital Testimonial Videos

Posted in Motion Graphics / Video, Sound Design / Editing

Role: Video and Sound editing, motion, and design

We were tasked to create a series of client testimonial videos from a series of  patient, doctor, nurse, and surgeon interview videos and a bunch of B-roll. There were loose scripts based on some “favorite” quotes, and my job was to create a 1 minute “quickie” video, and a 5 minute “short” for web content, for each patient. The challenge was to tell the story, keep it human and not too medical sounding, while maintaining a certain pace and emotional tone. The simple videos had the patient and their doctor, the complicated pieces had up to 5 interviewees to intertwine. The B-roll helps to tell the story of how “Recovered” the peatients have become.

I also edited the soundtracks, most of which came from 1 minute stock music compositions.  This project really helped me to advance my editing and skills.

With : Swanson Russell

Jen Landis, Ed Salem, Mike Henderson

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