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Humminbird Website Design

Posted in Interactive Design, UI

Role: Interactive Design

Humminbird needed a fresh website, something modern, high-end and “clean”. Their previous site relied on Flash modules for many important content areas, and was not mobile friendly. We envisioned a site with lots of white space for Humminbird’s wealth of great product photography, and parallax image areas for their beautiful lifestyle photography. I sketched up the concept for the landing pages, and once approved, designed the sliding panel structure and all of the UI. I had fun creating the different lifestyle pages, “sticky” menus, and designing the breakpoints for responsive.

This site had a lot of challenging design aspects to it; none the least that it’s essentially 2 separate sites (for their Freshwater and Saltwater audiuences), it’s a catalog which needed product/technology highlight pages, and it’s an e-commerce site that needed to be built to be responsive.

With : Swanson Russell

Greg Bousquet, Jon Lundeen, Johnny Lee, Zeljka Hassler, Quiller Caudill

Humminbird_-_2014-10-28_11.20.56.png Humminbird_360_Imaging_Humminbird_AS_360SSI_Humminbird_AS_360_TM_under_water_image_-_2014-10-28_11.20.24.png

Mobile layout with sliding menu: