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Screen Ink Website Design

Posted in Creative Direction, Interactive Design, UI

Role: Concept, Design, Development

Screen Ink had an identity problem, in that their website didn’t reflect their current status, and they had no power to update it. They also needed to show their product catalog, gallery events, and be able to highlight projects and features in their different service categories.

We wanted to create a site that would stand out from local competitors, and make it easy for prospective customers to find the information they needed. I recommended WordPress as a website platform and set out to create a custom template that helped them showcase their various services. Photography was a big “must have” so we decided to showcase as much as possible in the gridded page layouts, and on details pages. .


Screen_Ink_screen_printing,_embroidery_and_advertising_specialties_in_Lincoln,_Nebraska_-_2014-10-29_11.06.30Home page with image grid.

Screen_Ink_Henry’s_on_South_apparel_-_2014-10-29_11.05.18Project detail page.

Screen_Ink_Art_Gallery_-_2014-10-29_11.06.17Gallery Events page.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 4.43.30 PMAn early Photoshop comp for approval.