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Cleaning Ninjas “Ninjas Salute Narwhals” video

Creative Direction, Culture, Illustration, Motion Graphics / Video, Sound Design / Editing

Role: Illustration, Song-writing, Video Production

Cleaning Ninjas is a fast-growing locally-owned cleaning service with a lot of personality. Their sensai contacted me about producing a series of short videos and songs for their social media channels. I worked closely with their sensai to develop a plan for the series, and kicked it off with the “Mop & Bucket” video.

The plan is to create a series of purposely low-budget / off-kilter videos with weird songs and “funny” animation. The videos should be watchable, enjoyable, and instill a sense of “what the heck” in the viewer. The hope is to create something that is shareable, and highlights the Cleaning Ninjas brand as being fun and a little bit crazy.

The second animation in our Cleaning Ninjas video series is a fun ditty that pays homage to the famous “Narwhals” video on YouTube. There is a fair amount of dancing and craziness involved.

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