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Netrality Properties was readying to launch as a brand-new company, with an accelerated timeline and development schedule. As a technology and real-estate company, they wanted to convey the value and purpose of Netrality Properties while differentiating them from the competition.

I took inspiration from technology and communications companies from the past, and electronic schematic symbols, to create the “circle N” mark. I set out to create a brand that felt modern, clean, and minimalist. The mark is meant to represent energy and connectedness. This mark, combined with the “Netrality” word-mark (set in Gotham Bold) create a modern logo that leans “techy” while indicating stability and value. Depending on usage, the word “Properties” (set in Gotham Light) could either be tucked under or left off.

The color palette came from a search for the perfect “energy” releasing blue, ultimately using a very rich cyan in combination with different tones of grey. The logo would use cyan and 80% grey, while other design elements could appear in black, white, or shades of grey. Print versions would use Pantone Process Cyan.

For : The 42

Team: Jackie Miller

With locations in six states, the client wanted to unify the company with a clean and modern looking site that had a tech look, but also a feeling of luxury. I suggested using the vibrant photography with alternating light or dark backgrounds, and nicely laid out typography. We also wanted to create a site that would be easily accessible from any device. I created the responsive design with an adaptable grid system- using the color palette I had developed in the branding process. The client had a selection of nice professional photography to work from, and using the grid and wide photographs, we created a site that is unique among the technology/real estate industry.

Done for : The 42

Team: Jackie Miller, Jasmine Tollette, Joshua Schmitz, Brandon Fulk

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